Essential Wedding Collection
Essential Wedding Collection
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$2000 USD
What's Included

-Six hours coverage

-One photographer

-8x8 20 page Press Book

-Social Media Images

-Online Gallery for

viewing only

Package Description

Capture the essence of your love story with our Heirloom Wedding Collection. This comprehensive package ensures every pivotal moment from your wedding journey is beautifully documented.

Our service starts off with a romantic engagement session, providing you with a collection of images that celebrates your love and anticipates your wedding day. Then, we offer ten hours of coverage on your big day, where not one but two professional photographers will be dedicated to capturing all the magic, emotion, and joy.

To make your memories tangible, we provide a luxurious, leather-bound 12x12 album filled with 20 pages of your favorite moments. Additionally, we offer high-resolution images that are perfect for framing or sharing with loved ones.

But our services extend beyond photography. Included in the package is video coverage of your wedding, letting you relive the beautiful event whenever you wish. We also create a wedding day slideshow, a perfect tool for reminiscing or sharing your day with those who couldn't attend.

For those planning a rehearsal dinner, we are more than happy to cover this event, ensuring every step towards the aisle is remembered.

To make accessing and sharing your photographs as simple as possible, we also provide a mobile app. Now, your cherished memories will be just a click away, no matter where you are.

Our Heirloom Wedding Collection is more than a service; it's an investment in preserving the precious moments that make up the beginning of your lifelong journey together. We invite you to inquire about this package and look forward to potentially being a part of your special day.

License Policy
$2000 USD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
$2000 USD

Capturing Life's Real Moments, One Click at a Time.

Derek Blanchard
Wedding Photographer based in Kansas City, MO USA

Hello! I'm a professional photographer based in the heart of Kansas City, MO. I have dedicated my career to capturing the magical moments of one of life's most beautiful days - weddings. With a keen eye for detail, an artistic touch, and a passion for capturing authentic emotions, I strive to make your special day a visual story that can be cherished forever. I believe in capturing love in its purest form, making each photograph a unique piece of art that reflects your love story. I consider it a privilege to be a part of your special day and to be the one to preserve your precious memories. I can't wait to meet you and help make your wedding day as magical as your love story. My first big start in photography was capturing weddings. From my first wedding, I fell in love with the excitement, the emotions, the venues, and the decor. For me, the most important part is the vows that two people make to each other on their wedding day. They vow to join together as one and spend the rest of their lives together. I am truly lucky to be able to capture images of a couple on their amazing and unforgettable wedding day.

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